Measuring Fitness at home

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Fitness is critical to a student's growth and development. Whether in a physical education class or at home, students need at least 60 minutes of daily physical activity to optimal health and academic performance. 

FitnessGram by The Cooper Institute is an assessment and reporting tool usually reserved for physical education teachers and administrators with access to the accompanying software. But with more students participating in virtual learning, unlocking these resources is important to make it easier for anyone to understand the importance of annual physical fitness assessment.


MODULE 2: Aerobic Capacity

Module 2 gives an overview of how aerobic capacity is measured for the FitnessGram assessment. The module also contains instructions for how to run the FitnessGram PACER Test using either the classic audio tracks or the new PACER Test Remixes! powered by Hip Hop Public Health.

Download Resources:

Module 2 (All Resources)

Aerobic Capacity Overview

Aerobic Capacity Overview (En Espanol)

PACER Test Instructions

PACER Test Remixes! Audio Tracks (2020)

PACER Test Audio Tracks (2016 originals)

FitnessGram Assessment Protocol Videos